Galaxy’s Edge To Open Early

Disney has announced that Star Wars Galaxy's Edge will open early in California on May 31st! Unfortunately, Florida's Disneyworld will still have to wait until August 29, 2019 for Galaxy's Edge to open. Not that you will be able to move about the park with all of the crowds of people, anxious to see …

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‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Sports A Life-Like Hondo Ohnaka Animatronic

We decided not to really cover all of the press that came out for Disney's Galaxy's Edge parks but this Hondo Ohnaka animatronic is too good not to post about! This is clearly the coolest thing to come out of the Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge reveal so give the video below a watch!

Star Wars: ‘Galaxy’s Edge’ Revealed!

There is almost too much to look at when it comes to Disney's Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge park due in California in summer 2019 and Florida in fall 2019. We decided to copy and paste what had on their page because there is way too much to look at! From and without further ado... …

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