Star Wars Complete Saga on 4K Images Leak

The Star Wars saga, including The Rise of Skywalker may be coming to 4K blu ray soon, according to some new leaks.

A leak on a Best Buy Canada site, which has since been taken down seems to confirm that a massive 27 disc, 9 film 4K blu ray set may be headed our way March 31, 2020!

With 9 films across 9 discs, it’s easy to assume the other 18 discs will be used for special features and documentaries (that’s a lot of content)!

On the Best Buy Canada site, the box set was listed for $329.00, which is about $250 in the United States. Apparently, some are saying that this will even be announced as a Best Buy exclusive, but it would be dumb to limit something so popular and in-demand.

IMPORTANT! The original trilogy films are highly unlikely to be the infamous “original editions,” free of CGI changes from 1997 to present. Recently, JJ Abrams revealed that he tried to get Disney to release them, and said, “for reasons I don’t quite understand, that that’s not necessarily possible.” We think there’s a handshake deal between Disney and George Lucas to only release his preferred (altered) versions.

Of course, none of this has been confirmed by the Mouse House but, with the 4K versions on Disney Plus, they could also pull a fast one and release the original versions of the original trilogy to entice us even more!