Fan Favorite Character Cameo In The Rise of Skywalker

Due to spoilers, we’re not going to reveal who it is until after the jump.

JJ Abrams spoke with Japanese outlet, Sora News 24 about The Rise of Skywalker and JJ had something very interesting to say,

Abrams: By the way, who’s your favorite character?

P.K.: Me? Ahsoka Tano. Sorry for picking someone who only appears in the animated stuff [Star Wars: The Clone Wars and Star Wars Rebels], but I really like her positive, determined personality.

Abrams: Hmmm, Ahsoka, huh? Well then you’ll probably want to watch closely during The Rise of Skywalker.

P.K.: Wh-whoa-wait-whaaaaaaaaaat?

Abrams: Hahaha, well, enjoy the movie!

This sounds a little like Abrams is trolling us, but while this sounds amazing, but not completely farfetched. The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels popped up in Rogue One as well as the fan favorite droid, Chopper while Hera Syndulla got a name shout out.

Since Abrams said to “watch closely,” it’s possible that we could see a bunch of ships reporting in, with one of the being The Ghost, which we all know is definitely going to show up in TROS. It’s also not unlikely that we’ll see Hera and Jacen Syndulla, Sabine Wren and maybe, just maybe even an older Ezra Bridger – saved from the Unknown Regions by Ahsoka and Sabine in media we have yet to see.

Ahsoka could also pop up literally anywhere else in the film, but this is the most obvious guess. Of course this is all speculation based on a random quote that may not even be true, but with Lucasfilm throwing in references from all forms of Star Wars media, I’d guess there is a high chance we may finally see Ahsoka Tano in live action form!

Who’s going to play her?

Source: Sora News 24