Rumor: Ewan McGregor Signed On For Kenobi Series

File this under rumors, or more aptly, the thousandth time we’ve heard this rumor, but sources are saying that Ewan McGregor has officially signed on to play everyone’s favorite wise-cracking Jedi in a new Disney+ series.

Apparently Ewan has “put pen to paper” to play Obi Wan again, but as usual, no official word from Lucasfilm yet.

Edit: Oh, yeah, and he may direct episodes of the show! You ARE a bold one!

A while ago, Lucasfilm was moving an Obi Wan spinoff film forward but once Solo dropped the ball at the box office, Lucasfilm and Disney have retooled their cinematic plans, to basically make everything into a TV series for Disney+ instead.

While, personally, TV has always been the more inferior medium, compared to film, Lucasfilm is trying to gain subscribers to Disney+ so they have people hooked in the long run, spending money month-to-month.

Either way, I am just happy to get an Obi Wan-centered story. Maybe Lucas will announce something at D23? Who knows, but all I can say is hello there!

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