The Last Shot of The Rise of Skywalker Will Apparently ‘Melt Your Mind’

Kevin Smith, the genius filmmaker behind such cult classics as Clerks, Chasing Amy, and Jay and Silent Bob revealed an important dialogue he had with The Rise of Skywalker director, JJ Abrams.

As clickbait-y as this may seem, I felt that sharing this tidbit would be the right thing to do.

From an interview with IGN at San Diego Comic Con, Smith shared that TROS director JJ Abrams invited him to the set after his recent heart attack.

But here is where things get juicy: Smith said that JJ and several crew members warned him about one of the sets that had been made for the final shot of the film

Kevin Smith said,

There was a scuttlebutt about a set there at Pinewood. A big set that they were like ‘You have to see this, when you see this it will melt your mind.’ I was like ‘What was it?’ They’re like ‘Ask J.J.’ And so I asked J.J. I was like, ‘They keep telling me I should see the set.’ And he goes, ‘Don’t.’ I said ‘Why?’ He said, ‘It’s the last shot of the movie.’ So I was like, ‘Well, now I REALLY want to see it.’ He said, ‘You don’t want to be spoiled. You want to be in a theater when this happens, trust me.’ And then other people on the crew were like ‘Bro, I wish I hadn’t seen it. I’m glad I did, but it will melt your mind.’

So what could it be? The wreckage of Death Star II? Could we get another dual sunset on Tatooine?

Smith continued,

“So for that reason alone, as inquisitive as I am, and curious as I am, I desperately wanted to go look. But when you talk to the magician and the magician’s like ‘Trust me on this one.’ Sometimes as human beings we want to know how they pull the rabbit out of the hat. But J.J.’s such a magical magician that I’m just like ‘You know what? OK, trick me.’ I’ll wait and get tricked. Even though I could’ve seen what it was, I was like ‘I’ll sit back. I’ll like your plan.’ He’s never let me down so far.”

With the Palpatine tease in the teaser trailer, this makes the speculation especially intense because, at this point, the story could go anywhere. With Lucasfilm trying to win back the hearts of their scorned fans, they are striving to do something big and hopefully it will melt our minds.

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