Rambo C-3PO Explained?

We (think) we know why everyone’s favorite droid, C-3PO was sporting a bowcaster and bandolier on the freshly “leaked” Episode IX poster.

Makingstarwars.net has ran an interesting story on how Threepio got the “Rambo” look on the Ep. IX poster.

Apparently, the main cast goes to a droid factory on a snow planet and there are a lot of droid easter eggs like the battle droids, (!) the Bad Robot and John Williams-related droids are just sitting about.

C-3PO has his memory reluctantly uploaded to R2-D2, which causes him to have some comedic moments.

Our heroes are helped off of the snow planet possibly by Keri Russell’s character, Zorii described as a character with “rose-gold extremely elegant armor but with a purple suit and a helmet that has the shape of an Olynpic cycling helmet.”

Makingstarwars continues to speculate that the rebels are possibly uploading some program to droids to make them combat ready. This could work really well as a last resort for the rebellion and bring some dramatic and funny moments to the film. It is also mentioned that Threepio is a big part of the story of Episode IX, which makes sense being that it is the last entry in the Skywalker series…for now.

Either way, we will know more next Friday when the title and teaser trailer for Episode IX is released during Star Wars Celebration- which we will be attending and live streaming!

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Source: Makingstarwars.net

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