Episode IX Poster & More “Leaks”

Earlier this morning a poster and a small character image with names has supposedly leaked out of Lucasfilm.

Whether this leak was intentional or not is unclear, but with Star Wars Celebration just around the corner, it makes me believe this was a deliberate attempt to hype up the fans…and it worked because I’m hyped!

Note that C-3PO is wearing a bandolier and holding a bowcaster!

As seen above, we get our first looks at new characters, Zorii, possibly played by Kerri Russell and (Jaina?) Jannah, played by Naomie Ackie.

The poster above does not look to be the official one sheet that will be up in movie theaters, but just a basic promotional poster, used to hype the film. FYI – The one for The Force Awakens‘s was floating around the night before Celebration Anaheim back in 2015.

Leaked on purpose or not, Celebration is around the bend and we will have loads of new information to report on in the coming weeks. We may even get the title!

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