Nick Nolte’s Role in ‘The Mandalorian’ Explained?

Making Star Wars has a very interesting piece up right now that proposes that Nick Nolte will be playing an Ugnaught. Yes, you read that right!

MSW states that their sources say that Nolte has not even been on the set to shoot his role and that he is not technically playing a CG character either, so what’s the deal?

Apparently, Stan Winston’s experts have made a high tech voice-controlled mask that a small woman wears that mimics Nolte’s facial performance, which he performed between projects in a makeshift recording studio: a linen closet.

All I can say is that I am not in disbelief about this as we are talking Nick Nolte here.

Whether Nolte’s role is a small or large one had yet to be confirmed, but however it happens, it will be nothing less of exciting and groundbreaking when it all comes together at the end.

No matter what, October 2019 can’t come soon enough!

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