Is the Knights of Ren Scene NOT A Flashback?

Reports have come out that several actors, ages 21 – 37 have been training for a month with spears and axes for a fight scene with Adam Driver.

As you probably remember a scene from The Force Awakens had Rey having a Force flashback, or a Force-back, if you will of things like her parents abandoning her on Jakku and the destruction of Luke’s new Jedi temple and students.

So what if the shots we see of the Knights of Ren killing (who we assume to be Jedi) isn’t a flashback, but a glimpse of the future? A future we have yet to see in Episode IX?

Hear me out on this one:

So we know Episode IX will begin some time after The Last Jedi, but we do not know exactly how long. Fans have speculated that given The Last Jedi‘s ending on a note of hope with “Broom Boy,” Temiri Blagg, that we will see Rey teaching her own group of students in the ways of the Force.

So what if Rey is teaching a new band of Force sensitive students and Kylo Ren and his Knights of Ren are hunting them down? Will Temiri Blagg return as a Padawan, only to be struck down by the Knights of Ren?

Considering the source, this may or may not lead to anything substantial, however a new report from Mike Zeroh says:

“A shoot is set for the first week of October for one of the Cardington Sheds. Adam Driver will be involved with the group of actors aged from 21 to 27. These actors have been training with spears and axes the past month for the shoot. Tons of stunts have been coordinated and there will be some small explosions in front of a large green screen. These actors will be interacting with some extras that have martial arts experience.”

Cardington Sheds, as you may know, is where most recently, Rogue One filmed scenes for the Rebel base on Yavin 4 and apparently Episode IX will be destroying that set as part of their shoot. Now, whether the destruction of the base happens in the same scene as the supposed flash forward has yet to be seen, but I suspect that both will happen with the Knights of Ren scene happening pretty early in the film.

Now, you might point out that Kylo has destroyed his mask in The Last Jedi after being belittled by Snoke, but now that Kylo is the ruler of The First Order and Snoke is dead, one would think it’s possible that he had a new mask made to continue striking fear in those who oppose him.

As always, this is merely speculation and we won’t have much more of a plot breakdown until filming has wrapped and by then even more rumors will have come out.

So speculate away! What do you think? Sound off in the comments and remember to keep it here at Another Star Wars Page for more news and speculation!

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