Disney Streaming Service to Drop Fall 2019 Without SW Movie Rights

Bob Iger

Disney CEO, Bob Iger spoke with investors this week (doesn’t he always) and the future of Star Wars films on Disney’s streaming service that will debut Fall 2019.

Apparently, according to Iger, the streaming service will launch without any Star Wars films produced before 2019. This means A New Hope up to (and probably including) Episode IX.

From Variety:

To that end, Iger suggested that Disney’s streaming service might be a lower cost option to Netflix. He noted that the company’s pricing will reflect its “lower volume” of content. There will also be some notable omissions. Some of Disney’s biggest franchises, such as “Star Wars” movies released before next year, will not be available. They have been licensed to other distributors.

“The marketing will make clear that it’s not going to be on there,” said Iger. “But ‘Star Wars’ movies that come out in 2019 and later, you’ll find them there.”


So that means Disney’s still unnamed streaming service will most likely have the new episodes of The Clone Wars and Jon Favreau’s also unnamed $1M an episode TV series which probably be about Mandalore.

AT&T made a deal back in 2016 to buy the rights to the existing Star Wars films until 2024. This list of films includes the original trilogy, prequel trilogy and The Force Awakens. Disney also has a deal with Netflix in place, which is why we still have The Last Jedi and Clone Wars available to stream. Odds are, Disney will wait for these deals to expire to put them on their streaming service, however if you’re a big enough fan to be reading this, you should already own at least one trilogy on disc, digital, VHS or laserdisc.

With that big of a blow to Disney, they have to be really confident in their new series from Jon Favreau and it seems like they are since they are reportedly putting $10 million into it as reported here.

As always, nothing is set in stone and there may be a way Disney could buy its way out of this hole somehow. Keep it locked here at Another Star Wars Page for more news as it reaches your feed in droves.


Source: Variety

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