Billy Dee Williams Confirmed Back For Episode IX!

Get excited everyone! Lando Calrissian, everyone’s favorite scoundrel (next to Han Solo) will finally be back in Star Wars Episode IX and played by Billy Dee Williams!

The Hollywood Reporter is reporting that Billy Dee Williams will be coming back for JJ Abrams’ final film in the main sequel trilogy, Episode IX.

After months of speculation that William’s would return, including a cancellation of a convention appearance, it is now confirmed that Lando will return to the franchise hes best known for.

It’s a great relief to know that Lucasfilm hasn’t forgotten a such a fan favorite of the series that Lando is. I, personally have been waiting to see a post-Return of the Jedi Lando since The Force Awakens was announced without Billy Dee returning.

Since Carrie Fisher is no longer with us and Han and Luke are dead (Force Ghosts excluded) it would be a smart move for Lucasfilm to have a Legacy cast member returning, but for most of us fans, we are just glad to see Billy Dee in the role one more time.

Star Wars Episode IX will release in December 2019.


Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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