Rumor: Obi-Wan To Have Role in Episode IX?

Everyone’s favorite Jedi, Obi Wan may have a role in JJ Abrams’ still untitled Episode IX.

Hello there!

The Sun reports that Ewan McGregor will finally return to the Star Wars universe, possibly in the a Force ghost.

As we all know, everyone, including McGregor wants the fan favorite character to return in some form, preferably played by Ewan McGregor though.

Ewan will secretly film for the next Star Wars movie,” says The Sun.

“Disney have been mulling over a stand-alone film for Obi-Wan. There have been concerns about getting the story right.”

Obviously, this would be an amazing move by Lucasfilm that would (most likely) please the fans and bring another element of nostalgia to the series since neither Han Solo, Luke Skywalker are dead in-universe and Carrie Fisher either will have a limited role, or none at all. The move is also a good one because it will hook waining fans who have still not gotten over their feelings for The Last Jedi.

This is also interesting because other Obi rumors surfaced this week with the Kenobi spinoff film to be released on Disney’s new streaming service that unveils next Fall. Hopefully that rumor is false and the Episode IX rumor is.

We all know Obi-Wan is a loveable character and we all can hope to hear something a little more concrete from Lucasfilm.

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