Classic Character To Return For Episode IX?



We are hearing rumors that Mr. Smooth, himself, Billy Dee Williams will be returning to the live action episode films in his first appearance since 1983’s Return of the Jedi!

ABFF Honors, Show, Los Angeles, USA - 25 Feb 2018

A few weeks ago, some Tweet from somebody revealed that Billy was doing a new diet and training three times a week. Now it seems as if we will get to see Lando help out (?) the Resistance in their most desperate hour.

FanthaTracks claims to have heard from two sources that Billy Dee will be returning to Episode IX. Now, whether this was this was something that was planned all along or something that happened in light of Carrie Fisher’s untimely passing is unknown and probably will stay that way since Disney/Lucasfilm keeps a tight lip on certain things.

Either way, its great to see another legacy character back on the big screen when Episode IX hits theaters December, 2019.


Source: Fantha Tracks


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