New Images From Solo!

Topps has released a few new cards from their Solo: A Star Wars Story‘s line and we have some interesting ones…

First, we have our first look of Moloch as he (or she) appears in the film.


From the look of the card, Moloch looks like he’s (she’s) helping the Stormtroopers in some way, or at least cooperating with them for some reason. I get vibes of Garindan, from the original Star Wars for some reason.



The second card is also very interesting…


It’s Beckett and Val, literally in the trenches as the card states but you’ll notice the downed AT-AT foot behind them and most importantly, the Imperial battle armor they are wearing, which we’ve seen before inside an AT-AT:


My guess is Beckett and Val are pulling yet, another star wars page (**wink wink**) from the OT playbook – Disguising as the enemies to pull off a mission.

Solo hits theaters May 24th!

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