Solo Book Description Gives Us Details on Qi’ra

The people over at r/StarWarsLeaks have come upon a book description on Amazon that gives us a little insight into who Qi’ra is…

solo q

Basically, Han and Qi’ra grew up on Corellia together, according to the upcoming book, Star Wars: Most Wanted. Here’s the blurb:

“Set before the events of Solo: A Star Wars Story! Han and Qi’ra don’t have a lot in common other than not having a lot. They’re street kids on the industrial planet Corellia, doing whatever it takes to get by, dreaming of something more. They each jump at a chance to prove themselves in the perilous world of Corellia’s criminal underbelly, only to discover they are on the same mission for the same unscrupulous boss. When the job goes disastrously wrong, Han and Qi’ra are on the run–from pirates, a droid crime syndicate, the Empire, and their boss–and will have to learn to trust each other if they are going to survive.”

It’s clear to me, at least, that the “boss” is possibly Jabba the Hutt, or maybe someone else, hopefully a Legends or prequel character or hell, even Clone Wars!


I kid! I kid! But in all seriousness, it seems as if Qi’ra is someone Solo grew up with on Corellia and is someone who , since we all know that is his home planet (hopefully that’s still canon) and Qi’ra’s line in the trailer makes sense:

“I might be the only person who really knows what you are”

So it seems the two of them have a deeper bond, obviously leading to broken hearts and Han, going…Solo!


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