Solo’s Big Baddie’s Name Revealed?

The fine folks over at have put together a really good theory about that guy in the Samurai gear in the Solo trailer for the Solo spin off!

empty nest

Minor SPOILERS! Ye have been warned! Hit the jump to continue…

According to Yakface, a character named Emly’s Nest was being thrown around and now it turns out that the name is actually Enfys Nest, according to some movie theater promotional items.


Hopefully this doesn’t anger the Mouse House but it’s just a character’s name and nothing spoilery.

Yakface also found more images around Google that show Enfys Nest’s (say that out loud three times) name on some logos:



I think the name is funny and I can’t help myself from calling him “Empty Nest” like the TV show. Google it:

tv en

But I digest…


Looks like he may be at the wrong end of a blaster from the looks of the Solo trailer but you never know, as the scenes on the train near the end of the trailer look like the final act of the film but this is merely speculation. As always, take this with a grain of salt and keep your eyes peeled to Another Star Wars Page for more breaking news!

Anticipate Responsibly.


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