First Look At Solo Merch!


Well, the second look if you count the certain images of *ahem* Lego sets from a month ago.

StarWarsJunk brings us a look at some new merch that was shown at the Nuremberg International Toy Fair

In the first picture, we have a diorama of what might be the race scene in the film and what makes this even MORE interesting is Jabba’s Palace off to the side. Where there’s smoke there’s fire so in a weird way, this may be our confirmation that Jabba is in Solo (Well, duh!) Also, if Jabba’s here, Boba Fett is usually around also.

The second picture looks like Jakks Pacific figures of Han Solo, Lando, Qi’Ra and a Kessel Guard. Oh, yeah, and Chewbacca.

In the third picture, we have Lando and Kessel Guard 3.75 and the third picture shows us some board games and play sets.

Don’t forget to tune into the Super Bowl halftime show or YouTube today for what will probably be a short look at the trailer for Solo: A Star Wars Story!

Anticipate Responsibly.

Credit: StarWarsJunk

toy fair.png

Solo 1


Solo 3

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