Solo Trailer Will Premiere Monday On Good Morning America After Super Bowl Tease

Star Wars fans can relax…for now. We have word that the Solo: A Star Wars Story trailer will premiere on Good Morning America on Monday morning after a tease during this Sunday’s Super Bowl.

solo yolo.jpg

A link to buy tickets for the GMA taping had “+ ‘SOLO’ EXCLUSIVE TRAILER!!!!” attached to it and has since been taken down. Thankfully, Star Wars Explained captured the image and Tweeted it out:


So there you have it! We will probably get a small 30-second trailer for the trailer sometime during the Super Bowl this weekend (I’m betting on half-time) and then the full trailer the next morning during Good Morning America.

Don’t worry, Star Wars fans, you don’t have to watch sports or a talk show to see these trailers as they’ll be on YouTube and Another Star Wars Page shortly afterwards.

You can bet your bottom dollar that we will have some new memes and more stuff to talk about on our new podcast once we get the trailer. Until then, anticipate responsibly, Star Wars fans.


Source: Good Morning America, SWNN

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