Disney Developing Live-Action Star Wars TV Series!

Though this shouldn’t come as a huge shock, being that many film properties have become television properties lately, Disney is reportedly developing a live-action Star Wars TV series!

Earlier today, Bob Iger announced Disney’s new streaming service and that they are developing a live-action show along with another Marvel show, one on Monster’s Inc. and another one based on the High School Musical franchise.

So we won’t see the Star Wars show until at least 2019, which is when the streaming service will launch.

sw underw

This is the first concrete news we’ve heard since Lucasfilm was toying with the idea of a Star Wars show called, Star Wars Underworld back in 2010. Since Lucasfilm was purchased by Disney back in 2012, the series’ fate seems to be sealed, but knowing their penchant for resurrecting things, we may see Underworld sometime after 2019 or a whole new series all-together.

Bob Iger

“Our advantage as a company is to take advantages that exist out there for good television and take advantage of it,” Iger said.

Either way, there’s a lot of Star Wars on the horizon to keep us salivating. The Han Solo spinoff, Solo: A Star Wars Story releases this May while there’s that other Star Wars movie that comes out in 35 days.

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