Here’s the poster and Ticket Fumble for The Last Jedi (UPDATED)

Are you watching the football game? If so, remember that you only have to watch the halftime show to see the trailer.

As for myself, I am sitting here F5-ing Fandango for the coveted movie tickets. I’ll watch the trailer later, after I have secured tickets but every other site and their mommas are going to have it available but we’ll have it later.

EDIT: Tickets went up about 6 pm PST and all the good seats were sold out shortly after. Sadly, I got (almost) front row tickets to a theater where you’ll need to up your car insurance policies before going to. At least I get to see the movie, right?

Now, is it just me or were we told that we’d get the trailer and then tickets would be available afterwards, because that’s not what happened. Tickets came out with a whimper before halftime and we still don’t have a trailer. At least you could do is make us hurt a little more for a movie we

Fumble Lucasfilm!

We’ got the poster, (some of us) got tickets and now we await the trailer.

Since we are just Another Star Wars Page, we’ll have it in case you accidentally click on the site while Googling the trailer to watch for the 50th time!

Anticipate responsibly.


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