Force Friday II Info – Toys R US Confirmed For Midnight Opening!


If you’re a Star Wars collector, you should already know that this Thursday night is when the new merchandise for The Last Jedi hits stores nationwide, unless you’re Walmart, which already has some stores selling products even on clearance!

Here’s what we know so far…

All Toys R Us stores will open at 12 midnight Thursday night/Friday morning for Force Friday II. Here is their press release. Attendees will receive a free poster and T-shirt. Expect the shirts to be in large sizes, as last year’s Rogue Friday event only had that size.

Target is also doing FF events at some participating stores. Click HERE for the list of participating stores. They are also offering a coupon for those big spenders out there. These coupons will appear in the Target ad this weekend. Do not try and use this one, as the bar codes have been blurred out.

ff Target

This Force Friday should be a good one with lots of good merchandise available like the Jedi Luke Black Series figures and the stuffed Porgs, but will there be enough to go around? Probably not, but only time will tell.

We will be live on Facebook in line in front of a California Toys R Us, giving you a glimpse at the madness that is Force Friday!

Check out our Facebook page and keep an eye out on August 31st for our live streams!


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