A Bunch of The Last Jedi Toy Leaks!

With Force Friday II just a little less than two weeks away, we keep seeing more and more leaks of The Last Jedi merchandise.

First we have a video of the Porgs that have stirred up quite a controversy among Star Wars fans. I’ve said many times before that I am not against the Porgs so that is why I am putting this up first:

From Jeremy Allen (via Twitter)

#porg 2 always more fun than 1 right? @roguewonjohnny @BlueHarvestPod @MakingStarWars pic.twitter.com/8Ju9U9lLlV

I think these Porgs will serve the story right and become something memorable. Remember, Star Wars is supposed to have cute, loveable creatures as well as the usual scum and villainy.

Next up, we have the man, himself, Snoke. Here’s a picture of the 3.75 figure from KyloCollector (via Instagram):

Snoke…and Snoke from the BB-8 Playset:

Snoke 375.png

Next up are the Black Series Figures we should expect to see soon (also from KyloCollector):


Also from KyloCollector is a Funko Pop Porg and an exclusive Resistance BB unit!

and a closer look at the Porg unboxed as well as “Evil” BB-8, BB9E:


There’s also the Praetorian Guard mugs (I see a Porg mug down there!)

(From MandaloreWhore7)


Lastly, there is a stamp book from Australia that has a very nice cover. I’ve also included a closeup of the Snoke and Kylo Ren stamp (From News From Jakku):

Until we get an official checklist, remember to keep a mental note of what you want to grab on Force Friday II!

Poodoo, I can’t wait!

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