New Look at Rey, Luke, Kylo and R2 in Last Jedi Pinball – SPOILERS!

High res images from the upcoming Last Jedi pinball have made their way online and there are some interesting images included.

Earlier today images of the pinball set leaked and Star Wars fans, including myself drooled over the hope of new images from the upcoming film and man, these are good enough to wet my spoiler palate for now.

Further below, we have some larger images that contain some SPOILERS so proceed with caution:











First off we have R2 and the Porgs that we reported on here and here. So now we basically have confirmation that they’re in the film and possibly play a good-size role!

I have my own theory


Next, we have Luke, looking at something:


Then we have Rey in her new costume:


Kylo Ren kneeling before someone (Snoke?)


The Elite Stormtrooper:


Lastly, there are the Praetorian Guards who seem like they’re playing a bigger role in The Last Jedi than I previously thought.

It’s been reported that the Aurebesh reads: “Defeat the First Order” and “TIE Silencer,” which may be Kylo Ren’s starfighter.



Is that Snoke’s face on the left? What do you think? Comment below

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