The Last Jedi Trailer/Behind the Scenes Reel at D23? I Don’t Think So.

Sources are buzzing that while Lucasfilm will have a very minimal presence at San Diego Comic Con, they will show a behind the scenes reel for The Last Jedi at the upcoming D23 convention this July 14th.


I’m not convinced at all. The fandom of Star Wars is a hopeful one (excuse the pun). Since Disney took over Lucasfilm in 2012, fans have been trying to guess when or where Disney will give us more to salivate over.

While the news is sad that Lucasfilm won’t be debuting a new trailer or behind the scenes reel at SDCC, naturally, the fans looked to the next viable outlet for new footage and they settled on D23.

Lately, Lucasfilm has been on a behind the scenes reel kick and while these may be great to watch at first, they are really no better than the bonus features you get on any DVD or Blu Ray these days. It’s just the cast and crew talking nice about everyone on the production and how great it is to work with the director and how much Star Wars means to fans. Personally, I think fans would rather have a full trailer than another tease, and I know Disney and Lucasfilm love to tease us, but these behind the scenes reels are getting repetitive and don’t drum up enough excitement for a film that’s five months away…that’s what trailers were created for!

So tell us something we don’t know?


In the past, fans have speculated that Disney would reveal upcoming Star Wars footage at D23 and it hasn’t happened yet. Being that D23 is not as well-known as Comic Con or even WonderCon, I have a hard time believing that Lucasfilm will want to debut new The Last Jedi footage at the convention, even if it is a throwaway puff reel.

I like that Star Wars fans are hopeful. I’m hopeful that The Last Jedi will be great but I’m not holding my breath that we will get a new trailer, let alone a puff reel at D23. Looking at the schedule for this year’s D23, I didn’t see anything Star Wars related and that releasing any footage of any kind at D23 seems like it will fall on deaf ears. With the Han Solo spinoff making more mess than it’s worth, The Last Jedi is Lucasfilm’s new baby at this point. In my estimation, they’re not going to give us anything until September and then it will be a full second trailer.

Now, I know you’re saying that I’m probably wrong and while the internet buzz puts me on the losing side of this bet, I stand firm on my opinion until proven otherwise. Maybe this really was a way for me to vent about the same behind the scenes reel being shown at a convention that most people don’t know exists. So consider this an opinion piece, I guess. Either way, we’ll all find out next weekend!

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