New Leaked Images From The Last Jedi!

New images, showcasing some new things from The Last Jedi have surfaced online thanks to the guys at Templo Aztlan on Facebook.

First up is one of the Elite Praetorian Guards, wielding a weapon similar to the one we had up a day ago from Making Star Wars:


Next, we have a shot of the new Executioner Stormtroopers which looks like it was designed to be a spiritual successor to FN-2199 (9s)



Lastly, we have a first look at the First Order Heavy Assault Walker, called the AT-M6:

M6 2M6

I realize I’m late to the game on this one but that happens from time to time. This is the exception to my rule: To have stories up post haste to avoid internet saturation.

Translation: I’m usually quick about these breaking stories but life gets in the way every now and again.

Source: Templo Aztlan

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