Lego Leaks & More Tidbits From The Last Jedi!

Some people on Instagram have leaked a few Lego sets that show us some more about the vehicles (and characters) of The Last Jedi!

First off is the First Order Star Destroyer:


We can also see who is packaged with this set and surprisingly, Snoke is included, wearing his gold robe that has already been reported.

Also noteworthy is the inclusion of another BB unit. This one is all black and is supposedly an “evil” BB unit.


Next up is the resistance bomber which we saw in the first teaser trailer:


This one comes with a Vice Admiral Holdo figure, sporting a new outfit! There is also a gunner named Paige who is rumored to be Rose’s sister.


Lastly, we have the First Order Heavy Assault Walker which comes with Captain Poe Dameron and a new First Order Trooper – The First Order Walker Driver:



Personally, this is adding more fuel to the excitement fire! Things are coming together and we are learning more and more about this film on an almost daily basis!


Source: MakingStarWars

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