Some Minor Han Solo Spin-Off Tidbits

By Brian Hart


Making Star Wars has acquired some more character names from the upcoming Han Solo anthology (or HANthology) film. The names on the list below are not final and should also be treated as code names:

Rebolt – Ian Kenny

Moloch – Harley Durst

Moloch’s Henchmen – Tien Hoang

Gremm (possibly a location)

Emlys Nest (possibly a location)


Mother Proxima (likely a puppet)

Dryden Vos


Ian Kenny


Harley Durst

Tien Hoang

Tien Hoang

It should be noted that the actress playing Mother Proxima is someone we already know to be in the cast. Could it be Phoebe Waller-Bridge? It was reported by other sources that Phoebe could be playing a feminine programmed droid, but now sources point to her being a CGI character.

There’s also rumors about a character named Val who is someone with top billing. Is it Emilia Clarke? Probably. I’m not convinced about the name though. Val sounds more like a code name.


It should also be noted that Harley Durst is an actor, but also a stuntman. It would be foolish to think that Lucasfilm hired him without having in in mind for some stunts. Tien Hoang is also a physical actor and involved in martial arts. I would expect both actors to have some action-packed screen time.

Of course everything is speculation, unless confirmed by Lucasfilm. The Han Solo anthology film will be in theaters May 25, 2018

May the 4th be with you!

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