The Space Horse of The Last Jedi Has A Name

By Brian Hart


It’s been reported by numerous other sources that The Last Jedi will have Finn riding on a “space horse” through the streets of the casino planet, Canto Bight as seen in during the filming in Dubrovnik last summer.

According to Making Star Wars, the space horses are called a Falthier.


Falthiers are expensive race horses and the heads are like a cross between a Tauntaun and Falkor, the luck dragon from The Neverending Story.


The action sequence involving Finn and Kelly Marie Tran’s character, Rose begins in the stables. The two appear to be chased by well-dressed men in “luxury speeders”. Finn and Rose sneak into the stables and are met by an alien who tends them. There are also jockeys (space jockeys if you will) around the stable. Finn does some smooth talking and he and Rose steal the Falthier and speed away. The duo are then in a chase/fight scene with the guys in the speeder and end up in a coffee shop and meet a contact, presumably Rose’s.


This is all shaping up to be a great action sequence and is definitely something different for the Star Wars universe. Personally, I can’t wait to see the scene in motion and how it relates to the rest of the story.

This may be a long shot but could this be where Finn and Rose meet their contact? We will have to wait until December 15 to find out. Keep watching this site for more news as it breaks.


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