Does Kylo’s Scar Matter?

By Brian Hart

As rabid fans, like myself, scoured the new Last Jedi trailer for information and clues, one couldn’t help but notice that Kylo Ren’s scar that he received from Rey in The Force Awakens was a little different.

But why?

In an age of digital where almost anything is possible, why would Rian Johnson change the intensity and location of a scar from a beating that’s sure to define Kylo from this point on?


Does it matter? Yes, but to a degree. In one corner of the debate, one could argue that it was the director’s choice and that the placement made sense for him framing Adam Driver in certain shots. Shots like that beautifully composed shot of Kylo from the trailer:


On the other hand, it was said that cosplayers need continuity but I’m sure most cosplayers will chose the newer version of the scar as it embodies Kylo and his character in the Last Jedi, not The Force Awakens. Clearly, fans will know that a cosplayer is portraying him from the second movie in the trilogy.

Originally, Rian Johnson said the scar hadn’t moved but a couple days later, he tweeted:

“It was my decision to slightly adjust it, and that was my justification. It honestly looked goofy running straight up the bridge of his nose”

Fans may be up in arms about this change but one can only think back to the original trilogy when Darth Vader’s armor and helmet kept changing between films, not to mention the style of Luke/Anakin’s lightsaber kept changing with each new entry in the franchise.



I think it’s a welcomed change. It would be stupid to believe that Rian Johnson wouldn’t change something, not to mention that I am all for symmetry. Now, if he changes anything about BB-8, we riot!

Source: Polygon


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